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A whole day dedicated to one of the most beautiful seaside towns of Sicily. The Faraglioni of the Cyclops dominate the panorama of Acitrezza (a’ Trizza in Sicilian), a town founded at the end of 17th century.
The Faraglioni are eight picturesque sea stacks that rise above the Ionian Sea. According to the legend, they have been thrown by Polyphemus towards Ulysses in the middle of his escape.
Lachea Island, not far from the shore, is the biggest island among the ones that make up the archipelago of the Cyclopean Isles.


Full Day

Hours and Dates
From April 1 to June 30
From 01 July to 30 August
From September 1 to November 30
From 10.00 to 18.00


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