The Odeon is a small theater that is located behind the Palazzo Corvaja, on the main street of Taormina, the Corso Umberto. The monument that can be seen in it’s well preserved remains today, was built in the times of the Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus Octavian, in the second century. It was a stage for musical and literary presentations, which were performed only for the elite of the city. Its discovery in 1892, was followed by a long period of archaeological excavation, during which several buildings that over time were built over the ruin, needed to be torn down. Architecturally is quite similar to the large Greek-Roman theater , known as the Ancient Theater of Taormina – yet thesmaller Teatro Odeon has a different orientation:
The Odeon is directed towards northeast. It was built with clay bricks and is divided into three main parts: the stage, orchestra and audience. The audience is divided into five different areas, to accommodate about two hundred people, surmounted by a semicircular gallery. Today, the Odeon, because of its small size, is widely used for various events in the city, for example during the Christmas season it serves as the charming setting for the nativity scene.


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